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April 20, 2002


For those of you who have been to this website, you may have seen writings that talk about my wife and I expecting a baby boy. Sadly, my son died before he was born. It has taken me a long time to cope with this death and the website hasnt had a good update in quite some time. Please bare with me, I am finally getting around to doing so.

It has been a very bad year for both me and my wife. First finding out about the baby then not even two weeks after we burried our son my wife was back in the hospital. The doctors found out she had a hole in her heart. This is what killed the baby. In June my wife and I went to Dallas and she had open heart surgery to repair the hole. Everything is better after the surgery. About 3 months later I got FIRED from my job just to add icing on the cake. As if I haven't had any problems with anything for the year, I was let go just because I was looking for another job to "better myself". So with that I extrend a handy "bird" to my former boss. (I have been fired from better places!)

So that is what has been happening with us this year. Please keep us in your thoughts as we try once again for a family:)

Hugs to all

Chris & Brandi Kelly

PS: I am in process now of getting my GED so keep your fingers crossed!


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