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12 eggs
1 cup sugar
1 cups bourbon
cup brandy
6 cups milk
ground nutmeg
1 cup heavy or whipped cream

In large bowl with mixer at low speed,
beat egg yolks with sugar. At high speed,
beat until thick & lemon colored, about 15
min. frequently scraping bowl.
Carefully beat in bourbon & brandy, one
tbsp at a time to prevent curdling mixture.
Cover & chill.
About 20 min. before serving: In chilled
5 to 6 qt. punch bowl, stir yolk mixture,
milk & 1 tsp. nutmeg
In large bowl with mixer at high speed,
beat egg whites until soft peaks form.
In small bowl, using same beaters, with
mixer at med. speed, beat cream until stiff
peaks form.
With wire whisk, gently fold egg whites
& cream into yolk mixture until just blended
To serve, sprinkle some nutmeg over top
of eggnog; ladle into 6 oz. punch cups.