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2 lbs ground beef
1 small onion
2 small cans tomato paste
1 large can tomato sauce
Garlic salt
Mozerella cheese (2 pks)
Cottage Cheese (large)
1 pkg. Lasagna noodles

Brown hamburger meat. Add onion
(diced), garlic salt & pepper. While
hamburger is browning cook
noodles until tender. Add tomato sauce & 2
cans of tomato paste. Stir frequently & simmer
for 30 min. Drain & rinse noodles, now ready
to put together. Casserole pan or large square
cake pan. First - Layer of noodles, layer of
meat sauce, layer of cottage cheese, layer of
mozerella cheese. Keep layering as above
until you run out of ingredients. You
should end up with layer of cheese on top.
Cook at 360 until cheese melts.